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The Investment Property Toolkit for South Africans was a raging success. The emails I get daily on how it has changed peoples lives is very rewarding. I will be honest, I have made a lot of money in the process as well. Rightly so, it is a damn good toolkit. I was on Radio 2000 being reviewed by DJ Ice because even the radio team successfully used the book and was keen to talk about the new book on Online Income. Listen to the podcast below. 

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Made me think... Why not teach all the methods I use to make money online? To be fair, I get another R299 in my pocket and you get another income strategy that is proven to give you a new source of income every month. Win-win. Let's do it.


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The book sales are just one of six methods I am using to make online income 24 hours, 7 days of the week. I sleep well at night knowing I am taking your hard earned money because I know with certainty that the content in the books work. Coming from a humble background myself, the last thing I need on my conscience is being part of some con that hurts an innocent person looking for a way out. HOWEVER, not everyone has similar moral compasses... 


Trust me... There is a world of shockingly distasteful tactics both online and on social media. It's bombarded with “Get-Rich” schemes and there are thousands of clutter which could cost you tens of thousands and in the end you would have nothing to show for it.


There are a million offers as we speak, actually a whole lot of junk wrapped with a red ribbon with empty boxes inside. I find it hilarious how the different “guru’s” all give the same schemes different names. The risk with so much of choice is that your head spins and you end up writing them all off as scams. In the end, there are just a handful of ways that yield extra income and even fewer ways which yields close to R10 000 or more a month. Yes, approximately R10 000 a month is what I can benchmark is on offer. If R10 000 is below your expectations for entry point of online income then I have bad news for you, the online game is about time served and to get to 6 figures you going to have to start low and build over time. No getting around hard work.


Don't feel daunted by the fact that online businesses are not your expertise… I am a chartered accountant and property investor and usually feel like I have 2 left feet when it comes to technology. I have no degrees or prior experience in I.T or programming or website building, whatsoever. But I learnt over trial and error and a period of 2 years on where the money really is, when it comes to the internet. You can learn from me in a book that takes 2 hours to read! 


The free version (introduction only) of the Online Income book is included in The Investment Property Toolkit. Once again, to respect this book and the 15-Steps taught to earn online income, you must put down R299. Only if you buy this book do you get my free Affiliate Program link where you can also make 50% of every referred sale! Basically, you make your money back. Paying it forward, just how we roll...



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