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Hi, my name is Kashan Maharaj. Sitting next to me is my beautiful wife and business partner. We live in Midrand, Gauteng, and have been living here for just over 8 years now. I want to retire early and live a financially free life. Retirement, to me, means not selling my time for a salary. I want to earn passive income and be free from premium slavery. I am not there yet, but I am damn close! I recently became a dad and my baby girl is the inspiration for this website. 


I was 6 when my dad passed on and I made the decision to never be poor by the age of 11. I paid my way through varsity with bursaries and qualified as a chartered accountant. I have spent many, many hours and a lot of money on financial education (seminars, training courses, reading, etc.). Focusing in the following areas of expertise: Real estate, shares, forex and CFD trading, business start-ups and personal finance. I want this site to be your crash course to becoming an investor and be inspirational enough to get you off your feet and start getting busy! I am not claiming to know everything. I am still learning. But I do know enough to empower those of you who are just starting out on your wealth building journey. Do not waste or lose money like I did. Learn from my mistakes. I did the reading, the courses, the seminars, I fell for the scams. You don't have to. I will be your filter. The best part is, anyone can do it.


If you managed to read this far, then I am sure we are quite alike. You want to be your own boss one day, and hopefully soon. More people are succeeding in this regard now than ever before, because we live in a digital age where sharing of information has never been easier. How can you achieve financial freedom, realistically? I used to spend hours and days contemplating business ideas. What business can I start up? What skills do I have? I had many great ideas but when I eventually sat down and drafted business plans, I would resolve that the business model is not feasible. Usually, I would assess that the risks outweigh the rewards, the capital required was too high or I would not have time to manage the business myself. I would work myself to a conclusion that even a great idea is not going to work. Sounds familiar? If yes, then my wealth creating roadmap below will help.








Some links below, if you are keen to read up on some small scale passive income ideas. However, for early retirement, there is one ultimate wealth builder and it is not some great entrepreneurial idea that I dreamt up one day. It is what the wealthy have been preaching for years but have managed to keep us away from it due to our inexperience being a barrier to entry. It is investing in property. The biggest favour you could do for yourself right now is to read the Investment Property Toolkit to learn how to buy with little, to no money. If you are a new home buyer, you simply cannot buy property without reading this book. It is a step-by-step guide (includes my challenges and failures, lots of stories!) which you will not find anywhere else on the internet or on any training course. I was interviewed by Business Day where I shared some of the general and more known insights. Not the big tricks. CLICK HERE if you are keen for a read. However, for the real scoop on how I am buying property without money, move along swiftly to the book below...





I am 30 years old and I own 10 properties. I made over a million rand in profit from investing in property already and I started at 21 with a salary of only R5 000. I am not some super-smart person and I am not from some wealthy family with a trust fund. I just took the red pill in life. When everyone around me were going right, I went left. I created a strategy that ensures I buy at least one property a year, with no money. All this detail is included in the Investment Property Toolkit. It is a detailed, step-by-step guide on what to do, when to do it and most importantly, how to do it. After reading the toolkit, you will be the personal finance guru within your circle of friends.  


No one appreciates a freebie. All wealth building tips and tricks across this website is entirely free. However, I felt that for the full Investment Property Toolkit, I will be doing you a huge disfavour by giving all content to you for free. You will only take action and take this seriously if you spend some hard earned cash on it. One request, please do not email me to assist you with assessing if a property is a good buy. This really is a decision only you can make. You have been given the tools to be able to assess for yourself and have been given the cheats to make it happen. 


PS - I do not want to even try to insult your intelligence with some fancy sales pitch. The toolkit is only R199, so it is a take it or leave it concept. You may have spent more on a T-shirt which you did not even wear once. Ask me for your money back if you are not happy. If you have any reservations or need clarity just pop me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  














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Shares and ETF's - Where to start. How to know what shares to buy. Which websites to use to analysis share performance and dividend information that can be used to make an informed decision.

Kiddie rides - Buy rides and place them in high traffic kiddie areas. My true story of successfully earning passive income. Some lessons to be learnt.

Vending machines - Vending machines require very little time and effort and could earn you a nice passive income on the side.

Trailor hire - Tips on how to make a trailor hire business work. My next business start up for passive income.

Niche business ideas - Some unique passive income ideas that you can make work. 

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Everything you read on this website and in the e-books are my personal experiences. It is not financial advice or a claim that you will also have the same financial outcomes that I have had. I only hope to inspire you to strive to achieve financial freedom. I only hope that you read these stories and e-books and take away from it something that will change your life forever.





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